New Project: Polymer Clay Beads

Not being able to find the type of beads I've been looking for, I've decided to make my own. I've looked into polymer clay a year ago but never made a decision on whether to actually work with clay or not. A few weeks ago I started doing more research, watching tutorials and writing up a list of supplies. For the past two weeks I've been purchasing things from the list. The rest I purchased locally Saturday.

Everything's been set up in my craft room and I actually started making beads Saturday evening. I made a new Pan-African bracelet, which I'll be adding to the store today. More jewelry will be coming throughout the week.

Craft Supply Gifts

I have a few projects in the works and have been working on getting all the needed supplies. I'll post more regarding that this weekend. A few of the supplies I needed were gifted to me by my sister. I now have a brand new glue gun and a nice selection of glitter.

Storage was an issue, but I've been rearranging my craft room slowly and came across a carry case I used to use for medication. Since going vegan, I no longer need it, so I figured it would be good storage for the glitter. And I can carry it, which is always a plus.