A Thousand Nights

Chained Dolls Free Verse Poetry

The wind blows south,
each breeze carries a whisper.
Darkened clouds hold tears
which never fall upon the raven,
crow – black wings, omens –
I seek to know, dare to understand.

Tongues from an open sky
cast spells, inserting fear.
What the night holds – secrets.
Staring into the eyes of madness,
I see myself – glimpse of the future,
memory of my past.

Through an open window
I hear a song – tale of a thousand
nights. Shadows dance against
white walls. Two approach –
my soul slowly levitates.

Black feathers fall upon
silk pillows – dreams become
nightmares, nightmares invite
reality. Rulers of the future,
balancers of nature – chaos
and fury predict my end.

Five years of contemplation –
one night that’ll never vanish.
Walking in the dark, wind blowing
south, two shadows appear
under a darkened sky. Raven,
crow – my nightmare finally ends.
A Thousand Nights Copyright © 2009 Anna M. Asbury

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