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An "Accessibility Assistant" has been added to the website. This will help anyone who is visually impaired to better view the site. At the bottom of every page (left hand corner of the screen) is a black circle with a white image of a person in a wheelchair. Click on that circle and a window will appear where you can make changes to the site.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Focuses on a particular component of the website. It highlights a particular component which is easily visible.
  • Desaturate: Converts to black and white mode.
  • Bigger Text: Increases the text size up to 4 levels.
  • Cursor: Click once to increase the cursor size. Click twice to enable Reading Mode.
  • Contrast: Click once for Invert Color, twice for Dark Color and three times for Light Color mode.
  • Highlight Links: This highlights all the links on the website.

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