An Answer

Chained Dolls Free Verse Poetry

I consider myself a spiritualist, resting
between Heaven and Hell – dominating
darkness while welcoming a light –
it’s just a reflection, beating against a mirrorless
soul which waits for an answer that’ll never come.

I take delight in mocking your frameless
pictures – a poster child for the unholy
still my halo shines bright, for in my kingdom
I wear the crown – usurping a throne
never promised to man yet taken.

My words like sweet wine escaping
from an olive branch which once held questions
for whomever returned the call. Voiceless
expressions wear masks below veils – hide
and seek, a game – one dance with deception.

Granted a return kiss from Hell would be Heaven’s
gift, a weaved basket still carries my soul
down the Nile where kings and queens still reign.
Between light and dark I wait for an answer
to a question I never asked.
An Answer Copyright © 2011 Anna M. Asbury

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