Flowerbeds of Misery

Chained Dolls Fiction Flash Fiction

Mother planted a new garden in the backyard last week, then decided to have tea with the neighbors to show off her new creation. Jessica showed up with her mom, as well as Barbara. Mother told me to take them out back to play. PLAY. I hated playing and cringed at the thought, but Mother always got her way.

‘All little girls like flowers and dolls, dresses and ponytails’. Yuck. I vomited at the thought. Perfect angels wrapped in flowerbeds of misery, that’s more like it.

Jessica liked flowers and dolls. So did Barbara. I watched, waiting patiently for the right moment. Placed five new dolls in the flowerbed out back. I hope my new family has a better understanding of what little girls like.
Flowerbeds of Misery Copyright © 2008 Anna M. Asbury

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