New Felt Dolls

Chained Dolls Dolls

I'm taking a break from Sock Dolls so I can concentrate on new Felt Dolls, which I absolutely love making. There are a couple different styles I'm in the process of working on.

These rag dolls are the largest ones I've made so far. They range in length from 13 inches (33.02 cm) to 14.5 inches (36.83 cm).

I'm working on smaller rag dolls as well. The Champagne Felt Doll in White Splatter Shirt was added to the store today. She's 11 inches (27.94 cm) long.

Champagne Felt Doll by Chained Dolls

There's also a collection of Felt Dolls I'm working on - tentatively titled the Sassy Collection. These are brand new and there are currently two available in the store. I'll be adding more throughout the coming week. These dolls range from 9 inches (22.86 cm) to 10 inches (25.4 cm) long.

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