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New | Web of Wyrd

After a brief hiatus, I'm back to creating new designs. The first new design is Seidr Galdr Web of Wyrd. I first came across the idea of adding casting cloths to the store and this was the first design that came to mind. It took me a little while to figure out how exactly I wanted to lay it out, but this is the final design I settle on.
Seidr Galdr Web of Wyrd Casting Cloth by Chained Dolls  Web of Wyrd Rune Cards by Chained Dolls

The design is currently available as a casting cloth (above image), neck gaiter (below image) and gaming mousepad (below image). Also available is a Web of Wyrd rune card design (above image).

Seidr Galdr Web of Wyrd Neck Gaiter by Chained Dolls Seidr Galdr Web of Wyrd Gaming Mousepad by Chained Dolls

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