Sculpting Practice

Chained Dolls Sculpting

Spent some time last week practicing sculpting. Made a run to Hobby Lobby to get what I needed and to restock my polymer clay. The first thing I did was mix Super Sculpey Original and Firm together.
Super Sculpey
Super Sculpey Mixture

Super Sculpey Mixture Block

To make the head I used aluminum foil, so I wouldn't need a lot of clay. I then smoothed the Super Sculpey mixture on top before baking for about 20 minutes.

Sculpting Head Practice

I mixed Burnt Umber (Premo) and Bronze (Premo Accents) to get the color I was looking for. I tried to smooth as much as I could with my fingers before using any tools. I worked on the eyes first and then baked for another 20 minutes before sculpting the nose. I have a hard time making mouths, so one's missing from this sculpture.
Polymer Clay Burnt Umber

Head Sculpting Practice

Sculpting Practice
Practice Sculpting

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