Free Spiritual Downloads

Having a lot of research notes lying around on different aspects of African Indigenous spiritual paths, I've decided to put them in pdf format and offer them as free eBooks. These are not full-blown books but research I've done throughout the years on different topics. Enjoy!
African Spirits Studies
Abosom (Akan Spirits) - Updated 5/20/19
Asase Ye Duru (Divinity of Earth) - Updated 5/20/19
Bast (Kemetic Netjert) - Added 4/20/19
Gbèkrè (Monkey Spirit of the Baoulé) - Added 4/28/19
Katabi (Spirit of Lake Tanganyika) - Added 4/20/19
Oshun (Spirit of the River) - Added 4/29/19
Ancestors (The Interceders) - Updated 5/18/19
Ancestral Celebrations - Added 5/20/19
Animals (An African Perspective) - Updated 4/29/19
Colors (An African Perspective) - Added 4/29/19
Djed (Stability and Transformation) - Added 4/29/19
Elements (An African Perspective) - Added 5/19/19
Emuron (Turkana Diviners) - Added 5/5/19
Heka (He Who Activates The Ka) - Added 05/2/19
Mungome (VhaVenda Diviners) - Added 4/30/19
N'anga (Shona Healers) - Added 4/30/19