Anna M. Asbury

Chained Dolls

Chained Dolls is an Indigenous- and woman-owned business based in Louisville, Kentucky. Having a strong DIY work ethic, Chained Dolls focuses her handmade and digital designs on her ancestry (Yesą́, German).

Mission: To empower people to embrace the beauty and strength of their ancestry (culture, history and original spiritual practices).

The daughter of a musician and crafter, she grew up in a creative environment, which sparked her imagination and love of the arts. An electronic music artist, she composes music as Envy’s Bane. She also writes poetry and is a published author under the name Rena Aliston.

When not creating, Chained dolls enjoys archery, gardening, genealogy and spending time with her family.


Having lived with Fibromyalgia for 14 years and Myoclonus Dystonia for 4 years, Anna knows all too well the struggle of living with chronic pain. Help spread awareness with Chained Dolls' Fibromyalgia and Dystonia awareness merchandise. Each purchase supports the causes respective foundation/organization - 10% of all sales on Fibromyalgia awareness merchandise will be donated to the National Fibromyalgia Association and 10% of all sales on Dystonia merchandise will be donated to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (US).
Chained Dolls Logo


The official Chained Dolls logo is inspired by Anna's ancestry. The runes Kaunaz and Dagaz is accented by a multi-colored feather.

Kaunaz (letter "C" or "K") is associated with wisdom, knowledge, guidance, intuition and fire. The rune is also known as Cen, Kanaz, Kaun, Ken and Kenaz.

Dagaz (letter "D) is associated with awakening, breakthrough, awareness, daylight and transformation. The rune is also known as Dag and Daeg.